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Key principles

Kids just love playing games and rarely stop by themselves. FairBear lets kids play as much time as they deserve by solving puzzles from brain training apps called Trainers
Prizes and Rewards
With FairBear you can create your own reward or prize manually or you can choose a recommended ones from the market. Just set it’s price and watch the magic happen
Parental tasks
Don’t want your kids to stick to device screens? Bring real action in form of parental tasks with video and photo confirmation feature


GPS navigation
Ad block
Super chat
Remote control
Usage statistics

What people say

I was just amazed! Brilliant work
When thinking about FairBear I always ask myself: "How did we live without it?"
Little Robert
Thanks this beautiful app, I'm the first pupil in the school!

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Android version with basic screentime motivation feature and instant locking

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